Parma City Schools face costly levy error

Posted at 11:14 PM, Aug 24, 2017

The Parma City School District has financial concerns because of what it’s calling a procedural error.

On Thursday night, the board announced that the district will not have a levy for Parma City Schools on the November 2017 ballot.

On August 8, four board members voted on a combination income tax and property levy, but one board member was not there.

"We didn't have a plan for what would happen with the passage of a levy, or what would happen if a levy was voted down,” one board member said.

The board voted three to one in favor of the levy, but state law requires approval by two-thirds of all board members.

Now, the district must cut corners. Board members mentioned $8 million dollars: school closings, slicing the school day, dropping teachers, locking down buildings after the final bell rings, and pay to play sports.

Parents were allotted five minutes to respond to proposals.

"Let’s start taking some responsibility,” said one mother. "You guys need our trust, so you guys have to start stepping up and earn that. So we're just going to send our kids to school when it's 95 degrees, because they don't have air conditioning? Do you guys have air conditioning in your offices? How are you going to fix that problem with overcrowded busses."

This issue in Parma comes less than a year after what the district called a $9 million clerical error last October. The district said it will end this year in a positive cash position.