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Parma man boasts impressive collection of over 600 Monopoly boards

Parma Monopoly man Randy Howard
Posted at 11:38 AM, Nov 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-30 11:39:52-05

PARMA, Ohio — During the pandemic, many people might have played more board games than usual to pass the time while staying in. There may not be a game better suited to pass time than the iconic board game Monopoly, and a man in Parma has plenty of options to choose from.

Randy Howard’s obsession with Monopoly began after he played an “X-Men” themed Monopoly game with his daughter to spend more time with her.

Over the years, Randy has expanded his collection of Monopoly boards to over 600 sets.

From foreign language sets to sports teams to movie and other franchise sets, Randy’s collection spans all genres.

His wife Laura Howard said she’s become an enabler and has bought into his passion for collecting the game boards.

The two now break out one of the many options of the game two to three nights a week now, rather than their typical once a week, as a way to spend time together.

“It’s a great evening,” Laura said. “We’re tired of TV, tired of this, we’re home in the house all the time and it’s great.”

Watch Randy’s story as told by News 5 photojournalist Anthony Garcia in the video player above.