Parma residents want answers and solutions after another round of flooded basements

Posted at 6:00 PM, Apr 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-24 18:00:42-04

Parma resident Greg Jensen is frustrated and fed up with repeated flooding along Green Valley Drive.

The latest round of flooding hit last week.

"We had heavy rain and it flooded the basement again here in Parma,” Jensen said.

As neighbors threw out soaked carpets and other ruined belongings, Jensen has a theory for the flooding.

He thinks the storm drains are too small and were put in place long before more homes were built nearby.

"So much construction up above us, that these storm sewers can't handle the water," Jensen said. "It's a 12-inch pipe, it probably needs to be 24 inches, then it could handle the volume of the water and we wouldn't be backed up."

But Parma's Service director said the drains start at 18 inches and get wider from there.

Over the weekend, Parma mayor Tim DeGeeter went house to house on Green Valley Drive and in other neighborhoods listening to homeowners concerns.

DeGeeter said the city will put video cameras in the drains to see if any blockages need to be cleared.

The city will also consult with the Regional Sewer District to see what else can be done.

"The first step is to go out and make sure things are clear, televise those lines, looking for anything that's blocking further down the line, so we are going to take a systematic approach to it, and look at the whole development,” DeGeeter said.