Police called to South Euclid Taco Bell due to dispute over 'Fire' or 'Mild' sauce

Posted at 3:30 PM, Mar 22, 2017

A very saucy situation brought police to the Mayfield Road Taco Bell on March 12.

Employees were concerned when a disgruntled customer held up the drive-thru line because she didn't like the choices of sauce available to her. So, they called South Euclid police.

When they arrived, officers saw that the line was backed up by several car lengths, and asked the frustrated Taco Bell customer what the problem was.

According to the South Euclid police, she told officers the reason for the holdup was that Taco Bell was out of "Mild" sauce, her preferred condiment, and had only "Fire" sauce on hand.

She was also frustrated that Taco Bell would not give her the meal she ordered at half-price for the inconvenience she was facing.

Police advised the woman that this customer service matter "was not likely going to be resolved at the drive-thru window, and suggested she return the next day to speak to a manager." 

She left the restaurant.