Presidential debates stir questions from kids

Posted at 6:33 PM, Oct 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-11 12:10:51-04

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stepped into the spotlight Sunday night for the second Presidential debate and what they said and how they acted is being talked about today from the boardroom to the classroom. 

In Mr. Bolin's social studies class at St Ambrose School, it was the lesson of the day. But, keeping it about the issues has proven to be difficult. "As an educator, it has been very difficult because both candidates have so much in their personal lives, it's hard to keep it out of the classroom," said Bobby Bolin. 

Some students were watching and listening to the debate Sunday. Monday they came to school with questions. "Take what they ask you and spin it in a way that doesn't scare them," said Stefani Graber, a third-grade teacher at St Ambrose School.

Clinton and Trump differ on political views, but both have had their share of controversies during this campaign.

Lisa Homady has three children at St. Ambrose School. She had been put on the spot to answer questions about the recently released tapes focusing on the lewd comments by Trump. "As young as my fourth grader asked specifically, what was on those tapes? I  told him it was inappropriate conduct that you would never want to hear a man say about a woman,"  said Homady.