Thousands attend Trump rally at I-X Center

Posted at 8:14 PM, Mar 12, 2016

Presidential candidate and business mogul Donald Trump addressed thousands of supporters at a rally in Cleveland on Saturday, hours after a man tried to rush Trump on stage outside Dayton. Saturday's rally also happened less than a day after Trump canceled an event in Chicago amid security concerns.

"We came, we were not allowed to exercise our First Amendment rights," said Trump at the start of the Cleveland rally in reference to Chicago's event being canceled.

Protesters regularly interrupted Saturday's 45-minute rally amidst an energized crowd at the I-X Convention Center. 

"We love our protesters," added Trump on stage. "Get him out of here."

Trump vowed that he would win Ohio's primary, describing the state's governor and fellow presidential candidate John Kasich as weak on immigration.

"He [Kasich] is in favor of amnesty, he can't be president," he added.

As president, Trump said he would take care of veterans, get rid of common core education and repeal and replace Obamacare. He also said he would have a wall built at the U.S. Mexican border.

"We're going to build a wall, folks, a real wall," he said. "Who's going to pay for it?" he asked the crowd. The crowd responded, "Mexico!"

“I’m a lifelong democrat, but I’m voting for Trump," said David Zipay of Parma who attended the rally. "This country is in the wrong direction. He's a smart man."

Zipay said he believes Trump has the business sense to fix the bad trade deals that the country has made.

"I think in general he [Trump] will be a stronger leader for the military," said Jennifer Maiden of Orange Village who said her brother is in the military. "I appreciate his goals of helping them when they come home because PTSD is such a huge issue."

Brothers Adam and Brett Litzler of Avon Lake attended the rally supporting Trump on his stance over trade deals and social security but admitted they're both voting for Bernie Sanders.

"I don't believe his policies are best for America," said Adam Litzler. "We just decided to come out to see what all of the fuss was about."

Trump is scheduled to speak at a rally in West Chester, Ohio on Sunday.