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Renovation Realities: When you should take on a DIY project and when you shouldn't even try

Posted: 9:50 AM, May 13, 2019
Updated: 2019-05-13 18:35:22-04
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MEDINA, Ohio — Remember that to-do list you made months ago which is now stashed away in a junk drawer? Get it out and look it over.

There's probably projects on that list that have you thinking, "Can I do this myself to save some dough?" If you're not sure, we found a professional to help answer the question.

Devin Hansen is the co-owner to Hansen Restoration & Renovation. Hansen suggested calling a contractor for large scale projects like electrical, plumbing, gas or any work that will change or alter the structure of your home.

"You want the bones, the structure to be good," Hansen said. "That's what matters most."

But hiring a professional can be expensive, so here are some projects you can try to save on yourself: cosmetic changes, patching a drywall or installing click flooring.

"Small scale projects are great for DIY," Hansen said. "The structure of the house is the most important, the rest is cosmetic so if you're handy you can certainly figure some things out to save money."

Hansen recommendeds doing your homework if you're planning to hire a professional. He suggested getting quotes from at least three before deciding. It's also a good idea to get their Better Business Rating and to get the details of the work written in a contract.