Resident calls for police foot patrols in Ohio City after break-ins

Posted at 7:07 PM, Apr 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-26 19:07:31-04

Some Ohio City residents are on edge after a string of break-ins in the Bridge Avenue area. News 5 reported last week about the burglaries and that’s when Dwight Lewis called--realizing he wasn’t the only one who had his house burglarized.

Lewis' Ohio City house was broken into on Monday. He discovered the door had been kicked in when he got home from work.

His computer and money were missing. And, so were things that can’t be replaced--like a watch collection that took him 20 years to build, a shot gun that has been passed down from his dad, and a ring that has been in his family for years.

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“To someone else it may be an ordinary ring, but to me it was a connection to my grandfather and dad,” said Lewis.

Lewis said he would like to see more police officers in the neighborhood to try and deter crime. Cleveland City Councilman Kerry McCormack lives just a few blocks from Lewis. He wants to see more protection in the neighborhood, too.

“One of the reason, I voted for the Cleveland city budget was because it put money into public safety,” said McCormack.

He said the money will allow for another 100 officers to be trained, bringing the total number of officers to 1600.

As for the string of break-ins: “I called the police commander and they do have a suspect,” said McCormack.