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Richfield couple fights garage supply refund battle

Posted at 10:40 PM, Nov 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-27 23:17:30-05

RICHFIELD, Ohio — Cliff and Nadine Tiedt of Richfield were hoping to build their dream garage, but now find themselves in a battle for a cash refund for lumber on the project they didn't need.

The couple ordered $16,800 in materials for their garage project from the Menard's location on Brookpark Road in Cleveland on August 12.

The Tiedt's said they fully recognized the return policy on the receipt, that states a store credit is the only option available 90 days after purchase.

However, the couple said when their supplies for their new garage arrived in early September there were multiple problems.

Nadine Tiedt said the company delivered broken trusses, bundles of the wrong color shingles, warped support beams and $2,200 in lumber that they didn't need.

The company agreed to exchange all the bad items and agreed to pick-up the lumber that wasn't needed, which the couple says caused weeks in delays.

“And then the man came with the wrong truck, they sent a box truck, when they needed a flat bed, so we had to wait for him too come back again,” said Tiedt.

“This is absolutely ridiculous, my husband waited five years to build the garage he wanted and now their giving us all this runaround.”

Tiedt said the delays caused them to go past the 90 day return policy, so when they went to the store to get their $2,200 back for the the lumber they didn't need, they were met with more disappointment.

“They said they were sorry, there was nothing they could do, that we had to take the store credit and that’s $2,200,” Tiedt said.

“They’re not doing the right thing, all we want is a credit back on our credit card.”

“We lived up to our end of the deal, we paid exactly what they told us to pay, they made the materials list not us.”

News 5 contacted Menard's headquarters in Wisconsin about this case and the company responded immediately.

The company pledged to look into the situation and work with Cliff and Nadine Tiedt.

The couple told News 5 they are now scheduled to meet with the manager of the Brookpark road location to try and workout a solution.

News 5 will follow-up on this case.