Richmond Heights opening discussions with medicinal marijuana companies

Posted at 6:20 PM, Feb 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-01 18:20:46-05

Just a week after repealing a medicinal marijuana moratorium, the city of Richmond Heights has started meeting with medicinal marijuana companies to discuss possible grow operation opportunities in the city. 

Michigan-based Mr. McGooz Canna Products was one of the companies that met with city leaders to consider opening a production facility in Richmond Heights. 

Cleveland native Ron Hudson heads Mr. McGooz, which produces cannabis chocolates, chocolate cups, popcorn, canna juice, breath spray, simple syrup as well as other products that are all marketed as medicine. 

“We’re very serious about Ohio,” Hudson explained. “If approved, our ultimate goal is to put our corporate headquarters in Richmond Heights.” 

License applications for statewide growing facilities are due in May, although Hudson said operations would not likely begin until September at the earliest. Sales wouldn't take place for over a year.  

Right now the proposals are still in the discussion stage and nothing has been finalized. 

After years of dwindling tax revenues, Richmond Heights City Councilmen Donald O’Toole and Jeremy Kumin told News 5 the financial incentives to the city are paramount. 

“There are the revenue benefits the the city can enjoy based on having a medical marijuana business in the city limits,” Kumin said. 

Hudson said his operation could employ between 40 and 75 employees to begin with. 


Kumin and O’Toole said the city will hold public meetings for input that are yet to be announced.