Rocky River, other cities charge permit fee for burglar alarm owners

Alarm fee riles feathers of homeowners
Posted at 4:47 PM, Jul 27, 2016

You buy an alarm system to scare off burglars, but now you might be paying the price beyond the alarm company’s monthly fee.

Many cities can fine homeowners who have too many false alarms, but did you know some cities charge a fee just because you own an alarm.

Rocky River charges $50 for an alarm permit, then $25 every two years.

Letters reminding residents that the fee will be enforced are being sent out and are riling feathers causing some residents to call City Hall and the police department to complain.

"We have gotten a couple of calls, nothing more than explaining to them what the ordinance is about,”said Rocky River Police Chief Kelly Stillman.

"They are sending them a letter telling them they have to comply with the law, so doing now what should have been done a number of years ago,” Stillman said.

He believes the alarm companies should tell people about the city's fee when they install the alarm.

"When you go to buy a car you are told to buy license plates and a title, the same thing should be happening when alarm companies come to our city and install the alarms for homeowners, they should let them know the city ordinance requires you to get an alarm permit,” Stillman said.

Akron, Bay Village  Westlake and Brunswick do not charge a fee, but Rocky River is not alone Fairview Park charges a one time fee of $50 to alarm owners.