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Parma parents complain about bullying at elementary school, claim district isn't doing enough

Posted at 8:08 AM, May 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-11 08:08:35-04

Brittany Bailey's son has been bullied all school year, and he has the bruises to prove it.

"The first student choked him, after that he's been punched, he's been pushed," Bailey said.

Her son Jacob is a fourth-grader at Thoreau Park Elementary School in Parma, and she said he's been attacked in school six times.

"Three times have been by the same student, three other times by different students, the last time was actually by three students at one time," she said.

Bailey is doubly concerned because Jacob has a documented medical condition. She said the school is aware, and still isn't doing anything to stop the attacks.

"They say they have a bullying policy, but they need to start enforcing this bullying policy that they have," she said.

Bailey isn't the only concerned parent. Laurie Eadelis said her daughter has also faced bullying at Thoreau Park. Eadelis said her daughter used to love school, but now she hates it.

"The one bully in her class had put her up against the lockers and with his hand up against her throat and put her up against the lockers and threatened her life," Eadelis said.

Parma City School District officials declined News 5's numerous invitations for an interview. They did, however, send over their lengthy bullying policy which says any and all bullying is, "strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated." But Thoreau parents said they aren't enforcing it.

"They need to do something different than what they're doing now. It's not working. This is not working at all," Bailey said.

"I want answers, and I want a change," Eadelis said. "I want my children to love school again that's what I want."