Elderly couple victim of distraction robbery

Posted at 6:29 PM, Jan 21, 2016

Seven Hills police needs the public's help in finding a man and woman responsible for robbing the home of an elderly couple.

On December 4, the couple received a knock on the door from a man claiming he had done roofing work for them. The man said he wanted to go inside the home to do an inspection because he noticed some shingles might be leaking.

Once inside the home, a woman with the male suspect distracted the couple. The man then stole credit cards and jewelry, including a precious wedding ring.

The thieves also got away with $420 that the couple gave them to make repairs, which were never done.

Later that same evening, the suspects made $900 in purchases from a department store in Pittsburgh. Watch the video player above to see surveillance video of the suspects from that store.

The couple, who celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary on Christmas Day, just want their wedding ring back.

"To have someone come in and just literally take these memories away is what they did," said the wife victim, who did not want her name given.

Seven Hills police remind homeowners not to let anyone inside or to give money if they did not call the person to the home.

Call Seven Hills police at 216-524-4423 if you recognize the man and woman in the surveillance video.