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Student living in South Carolina takes cover at her parents house in Northeast Ohio

Posted at 7:50 AM, Sep 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-14 07:50:40-04

Hannah Beckman was just getting used to her new life of palm trees and pools in Summerville, South Carolina when she started hearing reports about Hurricane Florence.

"There was a mandatory evacuation for my area starting Tuesday at noon and then I was like, maybe I should go," said Beckman.

She packed up some of her things and grabbed her dog Niko for the road trip back to Northeast Ohio where her parents still live.

"I'm just worried about flooding in my apartment, I put most of my personal and stuff that I don't want to get ruined up high," she said.

But her precautions might not help. Beckman's apartment is on the first floor.

"If there is damage, I'll get it," she said.

Before she left though, she was alarmed by the number of folks staying behind.

"The mandatory evacuation for my area was at noon, and the parking lots was still completely full," said Beckman. "There was no like sandbags or boarding up windows."

She'll stay put for a while and take her college classes online.

"I assume there will be flooding and power outages and I kind of want to go back once everything like cooled down," she said.

Beckman adds the hurricane has not deterred her from living in the south and her trip back home will be short.