State grant helps Summit Co. gear up for RNC

Posted at 5:19 PM, May 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-12 17:19:33-04

The Republican National Convention is only a couple months away, and while all eyes are on Cleveland, Summit County expects a chunk of the action.

The Summit County Sheriff's Department will be ready to help Cleveland police during the convention, others will man Summit County's streets and jail, and some will add a layer of security at Akron-Canton Airport, working  closely with airport officials.

"We don't anticipate that it's going to feel any different when you're coming through, however we are working behind the scenes. Safety is the priority," Airport Spokeswoman Kristie VanAuken said.

The Summit County council accepted a $215,541.55 grant that will help the Sheriff's Department bolster security.

"It's gonna require more equipment, it's gonna require more personnel," Bill Holland, with the Summit County Sheriff's Department, told us.

It's called the Ohio Emergency Management Agency's Homeland Security Grant.

Bill Holland said the funds will mainly go to their SWAT team and bomb squad, but the grant will pay for everything from communication to tactical equipment.

He said it's all about being prepared and making safety a priority for people in the city, and miles away from it.

"Nothing is gonna miss a beat, we aren't going to deplete one area to give personnel to the convention," Holland said.