State senator targets traffic cameras

Posted: 9:19 PM, Feb 15, 2016
Updated: 2016-02-15 21:21:32-05

State Senator Tom Patton wants to put the brakes on small communities cashing in on traffic cameras tickets. 

Patton has introduced four bills aimed at traffic cameras that make money for cities with fines. The tickets are then mailed to drivers.

Patton's four bills would:

  • Not allow a community to raise more than 30 percent of its yearly revenue from issuing camera tickets.
  • Restrict the number of camera tickets a community can issue to a number that is twice the community's population.
  • Block a community with 200 or fewer residents from using the traffic cameras.
  • If a city doesn't have a fire department or an emergency medical service they would not be permitted to have traffic cameras. 

"This is all about safety, not a cash grab," Patton said. 

Newburgh Heights mayor said their police department follows the law with traffic cameras. He believes that even if passed the city would be able to comply. He pointed to research about the cameras.

"There is evidence, these units change the way people drive," said Newburgh Heights Mayor Trevor Elkins.