String of Old Brooklyn break-ins has residents on edge


An uptick in break-ins throughout Old Brooklyn has residents on edge.

Cars and homes have been targeted recently, even after the arrest of Glen Adkins Jr. who was tied to multiple burglaries in Old Brooklyn several months ago.

Man wanted in string of burglaries in Old Brooklyn arrested by US Marshals

At least one resident is taking matters into his own hands. He’s hosting a neighborhood crime watch meeting Thursday night at his store, Concealed Carry Courses, with the hopes that he’ll empower his neighbors.

“Breaking into cars, breaking into houses, so on and so forth, it has been going up,” said Kim Rodecker.

Rodecker owns the concealed carry classroom in Old Brooklyn, where he teaches others how to protect themselves. So, what better place to host a community neighborhood watch meeting to address the uptick of crime on the normally quiet city streets?

“Usually during the daytime, a majority of them, which is when they’re not home, when they’re away somewhere else, like maybe at work,” he said.

One look at the Old Brooklyn neighborhood watch Facebook page and many residents are seeing a surge in crime they thought would drop-off after Glen Adkins Jr. was arrested.

Residents in Old Brooklyn gather to discuss neighborhood crime

Warrant out for 20-year-old man connected to several crimes around Cleveland

“I didn’t think it was going to end. He’s just one, one of many,” said Rodecker.

He was right – cars and homes have been targeted, yards vandalized, even in broad daylight, when many homeowners are at work.

“There should be more police officers. They should hire more and put them out on the street and let them do what they got to do,” Rodecker said.

The neighborhood watch meeting will be held Thursday night at 7 p.m. at the Concealed Carry Courses classroom at 6105 Memphis Ave. A representative from the Guardian Angels will also be present.

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