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The tradition continues: The annual Chagrin Falls Pumpkin Roll is something to see

Posted at 6:15 AM, Oct 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-25 10:32:36-04

It's a tradition that some love and others love to hate but just after midnight Thursday the annual Chagrin Falls Pumpkin Roll was held on Grove Hill.

The tradition started as a prank by the 1969 Chagrin Falls High School senior class and has been going strong ever since.

Before midnight juniors and seniors brought a box truck load of pumpkins to the top of Grove Hill, a section of Main Street, and after midnight they began the annual tradition of throwing hundreds of pumpkins down the hill.

Once the hill is coated with pumpkin guts, the students slide down the hill in anything they can find to ride. Most use sleds and other hard plastic containers but a few were able to slide down the hill upright on their shoes.

The event is not without controversy as some of the hundreds of pumpkins are stolen from front porches throughout the area, but some local residents place pumpkins near the street in support of the event.

The students who bring the truck load of pumpkins are issued a ticket for illegal dumping by police and the fine levied is in the amount of overtime that is accrued by the street department to clean up the mess. The junior and senior class with raise money to pay the fine.

This year, police cited one Chagrin Falls man during the event. Two minor injuries were also reported.