PD: Toddler seen walking in street alone 4 times

Posted at 9:21 PM, May 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-20 21:21:57-04

A mother could face a child endangerment charge after police received several reports of a toddler walking in the street alone. 

According to four different police reports, individuals contacted police after seeing a child in the 29000 block of Washington Way wandering in the street alone. 

In one police report, the complainant said they almost hit the child with their vehicle and received an email that another neighbor almost hit the toddler on the same day because she was in the street again. The complainant said there is a blind sport where the toddler's home is located, due to a curve from turning in off of Schwartz and coming from Monroe Trail. 

Several of the reports state the child being seen wandering the street is an ongoing issue. Sometimes the child is seen outside alone, and other times it's reported that the toddler is outside with children who are under the age of 10. No parents are seen outside with the children. 

Police said Cuyahoga County Children and Family Services were contacted after the child was seen in the street on May 5. The mother of the children was advised that a prosecutor ruling for child endangerment was requested.