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Toddler gets second-degree burns at Westlake pool

Posted at 10:23 PM, Jul 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-30 15:21:44-04

WESTLAKE, Ohio — Sunday was a typical day at the brand-new Westlake Aquatic Center for the Kelly family, until something unexpected happened.

"She burnt the bottom of her feet and all of her little toes, they all have blisters on them," said Rachel Kelly.

Kelly says her toddler got second degree burns on the bottom of her feet after stepping on a hot sheet of metal for about five to 10 seconds when it was above 90 degrees.

"She was inconsolable, she started crying right away," said Kelly. "Immediately I knew we needed to go to the ER."

Kelly says the piece of metal that burnt 22-month-old Lilian is just a few small steps away from the kids pool and it's not covered up.

The mother of two took to Facebook to warn others, but also confronted the people at the pool.

"I did tell them what happened, the manager took down notes and she said they normally try to keep the kids off of there," she said. "I've been there like 20 times this summer and I've never seen anyone try to get kids off of the stage."

Kelly says she has to take Lillian back to the hospital Tuesday for a follow up, and before she goes back to the pool she wants the issue fixed.

"I want them to cover up so another little toddler doesn't get their feet burned," she said.

The director of the Westlake Recreation Department released the following statement:

"We are regretful for the unfortunate situation which caused one of our patrons to suffer burns on their feet. We hope they have a speedy recovery and return to the pool soon. Our maintenance staff is in the process of installing a covering over the area as well as researching reflective paint for the surface."