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Victim of terrifying armed robbery in Tremont recalls horrifying night

Posted at 12:06 PM, Apr 25, 2018

What started off as a quiet Monday night took a terrifying turn for a Tremont resident who survived a violent encounter with two gunmen. 

The Tremont man, whom we are not naming at his request, said he was coming home from work when he stopped at Barrio to grab tacos. 

After parking his car on Thurman Avenue, he got out with his keys, wallet and dinner in hand when he was brazenly approached by two men with guns, one brandishing a 9 mm handgun and the other aiming a semi-automatic rifle.

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“I was beside myself," he said. "The last thing I thought was going to happen on a quiet Monday night.”

When he didn’t immediately obey their commands, the Tremont resident said one shooter shot a round near his feet.

The other shooter fired a round near his head — a near-death experience that now haunts him.

“The weapons were very real,” he said.

Police recovered two shell casings on Thurman Avenue, one a 9 mm and the other a .22 LR.

The robbers took off with $140 in cash, bank cards, his iPhone and the keys to his car.

While the armed robbery was as terrifying as it looks, he said he's lived in Tremont for five years and doesn’t want this experience to create a negative impression of a neighborhood he considers to be safe.

“It’s part of the inner-city," he said. "Things happen in the inner-city. We all need to rally together in the community and not let this get in the way of the amazing restaurants and shops that are a part of our community. People still need to come to Tremont and enjoy everything that Tremont has to offer.”

He believes justice will be served when the police find the two men.

"I hope they catch these guys," he said.