Don King praises Trump as `gladiator' in Cleveland

Posted at 10:50 AM, Sep 20, 2016

Boxing promoter Don King is praising Donald Trump as "the only gladiator" who can take on a system that King said is "rigged" and "racist" and "sexist."

King introduced the Republican presidential nominee to a group of pastors in Cleveland on Wednesday.

King said white women and African-Americans should vote for Trump to topple the established order.

He wore a bejeweled denim jacket and held American and Israeli national flags.

King has long supported his friend Trump, but the appearance Wednesday marks his highest-profile appearance on the Republican nominee's behalf. King wanted to speak at the Republican National Convention in July. But GOP officials kept him off the stage, in part to avoid a focus on his manslaughter conviction in the 1960s.

The event Wednesday was hosted by New Spirit Revival Center pastor and Trump supporter Dr. Darrell Scott.

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