Wild turkeys spotted gallivanting about in Parma after deeming public spaces safe after Thanksgiving

PARMA, Ohio - Since Thanksgiving is over, turkeys have deemed public spaces safe once again, and this time they are coming out in droves and letting everyone know they are survivors in Parma.

Several residents in Parma spotted turkeys gathering near public buildings, walking on sidewalks and even seen perched on top of a house.

One person posted a photo in the Parma Neighborhood Watch group; others started posting their sightings of the feathery birds who found the streets safe once again. 



The turkeys took a break from touring Parma and a few were seen keeping watch from a roof on Sunderland Drive.

We're not sure why the turkeys were out gallivanting in Parma, but who can blame them for basking in sweet, sweet freedom?

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