Uber and Lyft cause traffic headaches following first two World Series games

Posted at 5:45 PM, Oct 27, 2016

Cleveland Police say traffic issues were a major concern following the World Series games this week, in part, because ride share drivers weren’t following the rules.

There were clear instructions for every Uber, Lyft, and limo driver. Those instructions though, were not followed.

Fans stuck it out in the rain Wednesday but were met with a flood of traffic when the game ended and they hit the streets.

Cell phone video taken along Carnegie Avenue after Wednesday night’s game shows the source of the hold-up. Car after car, limos, Lyfts and Ubers were all parked, waiting for passengers and making a massive headache for everyone trying to leave.

“It kind of looked like the Cavs parade but with cars everywhere. Like the millions of people everywhere, but it was cars,” said one fan who witnessed the jam.

The designated pick-up and drop-off spot for Uber and Lyft drivers, was on West Huron between Superior Avenue and Ontario Street. There were even no-parking signs lining the street, designating the stretch for ride share programs. But on the stretch of Carnegie, right outside the stadium, in between Ontario and East 9th is where many Uber and Lyft drivers decided to pick up passengers.

“There’s so many Uber drivers just blocking traffic,” said a dispatcher over the radio Wednesday night. The traffic causing a headache for the dispatcher, trying to move cars parked illegally.

“Do we got any available patrol that can come move these cars along Ontario, Carnegie, to Eagle that are now parking in three lanes?” she asked.

“No we do not right now,” replied an officer.

While it was easier for drivers to make a buck by picking up their passengers right outside the stadium, many knew they needed to head elsewhere.

“We get text messages saying head towards this area or head towards that area,” said one Uber driver.

Uber in a statement said they are going to make sure for all future games, Cavs games included, that passengers and drivers know where to go to minimize potential traffic impacts.

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