VIDEO: Cars stolen at University Heights gas station after drivers leave them unlocked and running

UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS, Ohio - Two people learned the hard way that they shouldn't leave their cars unlocked and running at the gas station after their vehicles were stolen.

According to a police report, the first incident happened on Nov. 30 after a 67-year-old man left his 2013 Toyota Corolla running at Speedway, 14458 Cedar Road, in University Heights. 

Security footage of the incident shows the man leave his vehicle parked at a few feet from the storefront and walk inside. Seconds later an SUV pulls up and a man jumps out of the vehicle, gets into the Toyota and drives off.


The Toyota was found abandoned a few days later on West 92nd Street.

A second theft happened on Dec. 3 when a woman left her 2008 BMW 528XI running at a gas pump while she went inside.

A few moments after the woman parked her car and went inside, a brazen thief got out of the passenger's side of a nearby car, walked over and got in the BMW and drove off.


Her car was found more than a week later on Kelso Avenue.

Police are investigating both incidents. No arrests have been made.

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