VIDEO: Cuyahoga County workers come to the rescue of person in wheelchair stuck in snow

An act of kindness by two Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works employees was caught on camera Monday morning. 

The two workers helped someone in a wheelchair get out of the snow after it got stuck on the slushy pavement. 

Watch video of the act of kindness in the media player above. 

Construction leadman Keith Hansberry and sewer maintenance worker Shane Petry spotted the person as they were driving in the area of Pleasant Valley and Broadview roads around 8 a.m. 

They noticed that the motorized wheelchair was struggling to make it to the top of a hill near the Giant Eagle. The person in the wheelchair was even using a shovel to try to dig out but was only able to use one arm. 

That's when the county workers got out to help. They grabbed another shovel and created a path for the wheelchair. 

The person was then able to get to the top of the hill, to a road that was cleared off. 

The supervisor of the workers, Bryan Hitch, said it's not uncommon that he hears stories like this. He said that since his crew is out and about a lot, they are frequently helping people who could use an extra hand. 

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