Volunteers needed to sort through donations for Puerto Rico

Posted at 11:46 AM, Sep 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-28 12:09:42-04

Northeast Ohioans are coming together to help sort through donations for the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico but organizers say they need even more help.

Hundreds of palettes filled with water, food and clothing at the I-X Center need to be organized before they can be shipped to Puerto Rico.


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Organizers said anyone can show up to help. 

Rob Aquino, who has aunts, uncles and cousins still in Puerto Rico, showed up to help organize donations.

He said he hasn't heard from them since the Hurricane hit the island.

"We are excited to have our doors open to the Latin American Academic Athletics and Arts here today. They are organizing all these palettes to get them shipped to Puerto Rico to help those who are suffering," said Claire Vanidestine, Director of Marketing at I-X Center.

"Personally, ya know you worry about people that you know, that you love, that you're okay. Every little bit helps. Whether you're thinking about it or actually doing it," said Aquino.

Vanidestine said donations are not being accepted at the I-X Center. However, items can be dropped off at Club San Lorenzo on Cleveland's west side.

So far, ten semi-trucks have been filled.