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Woman dragged 100 feet before man takes off in her car from Steelyard Commons

Posted at 4:47 PM, Nov 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-16 16:47:22-05

A woman was dragged 100 feet by a man stealing her car, before he took off in it.

It happened in the Steelyard Commons shopping center in Cleveland earlier this month and police are still looking for the man who behind it.

According to Crimestoppers, the woman was waiting in her car for a family member who was inside Target when a man opened her door, pointed a gun at her and demanded the keys. 

They say the woman kicked and screamed, but the man just ran around to the driver side, pulled her out and sped off. 

Crimestoppers provided several surveillance photos of the suspect shopping inside Walmart before the crime. 

This case is not the first at the shopping center. Steelyard Commons has dealt with its fair share of issues. 

A man was found shot to death outside Burlington Coat Factory in October. 

In September, a 70-year-old veteran was robbed in the parking and dragged more than 30 feet, breaking a hip and leg in three places. 

This summer, several cars were damaged and stolen from the parking lots at Steelyard. 

Cleveland Police told News 5 they haven't made an arrest in this latest case and didn't say if they've changed the way they operate in and around Steelyard. 

Anyone with any information that could help investigators is asked to reach out to Crimestoppers or Cleveland Police.

Steelyard Commons has not gotten back to News 5 about security concerns, but when we last addressed them they provided this statement: 

"Steelyard Commons works closely with the Second District of the CPD and has on site security personnel constantly monitoring the safety and security of its customers and employees."