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Chardon school shooting 6 year anniversary: Coach Hall Foundation calling on nation to take action

Posted at 7:07 PM, Feb 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-27 06:15:07-05

Monday marks the six year anniversary of the shooting at Chardon High School that left three students dead and three others injured.

On this tragic anniversary, less than two weeks after the mass shooting that left 17 dead in Parkland, Fla., the Coach Hall Foundation is calling on the nation to take action against these horrific shootings. Named after a man who not only survived the Chardon High School shooting six years ago, but also the man who stopped it, the Coach Hall Foundation is fighting to put an end to school shootings across the country.

"The Coach Hall Foundation believes that finding a solution to these deadly attacks must be a national priority," foundation president Tim Armelli said. "Our nation's most valuable resources our children and their safety must be of paramount importance to everyone. We cannot wait, wish and hope that 'it won't happen here.'"

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The foundation is calling on parents, teachers, administrators, school board members, community members, legislators, students - everyone - to take action to stop these mass shootings.

"We must take collective responsibility for tragedies that occur in our schools and we must find proactive approaches to end this cycle of violence," said Coach Frank Hall. "There is no place that is immune from heartbreak. Idyllic communities have been locations of immense tragedy. Newtown, Littleton, Parkland, Blacksburg, and, our own Chardon were all known for community safety prior to our devastating attacks. The 'it can't happen here' mentality is unacceptable and ignorant."

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The foundation encourages parents to talk to their children, students to talk and work with each other and community members to call on leaders to talk about safety.

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And that's not a local encouragement. It's a challenge Hall and the foundation is extending to the entire country.

"If we want to change this current culture, it is on all of us," Hall added. "We challenge all Americans to be part of the solution. This protection can come and should come in as many different layers as possible. We must take our heads out of the sand. The time is now to reach out to one another to create solutions to these attacks in our schools."

Hall is fighting to put an end to school shootings through House Bill 318. The bill defines what a school resource officer is, currently not in Ohio's code, and details increased training. It's step one for Hall and the Coach Hall Foundation with an ultimate goal in mind - to put an SRO in every school in America.