Husband and wife duo burglarize dozens of Geauga County homes

Posted at 9:22 AM, Jan 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-06 09:23:10-05

Caught on camera, a husband and wife accused of working together to burglarize dozens of homes in Geauga County. Now the two are facing major charges.

Husband and wife team, Raymond and Donna Miller are accused of burglarizing at least 25 homes. According to Geauga County Sheriffs Deputies, the pair would go door to door and knock. If someone was home, deputies say they'd ask for directions or for help finding a lost dog. If no answer, they would break into the home and take everything they could. 

Deputies say they took everything from electronics and guns to vacuum cleaners, personal hygiene items and jewelry. 

One homeowner caught them on his in home surveillance camera and another saw and reported them to Sheriff's deputies as suspicious this week. 

Both helped the Geauga County Sheriff's department, and surrounding police departments track them down. Investigators are working to see if anyone else was involved and trying to get all of the found items back to their rightful owners, including longtime residents like Diane Dezort. 

"Why they came out this direction I don't know. But we are going to have to be careful now. And really watch who comes to our door."

While many residents say they don't want to open their doors anymore, they are thankful for the sheriff department's work on the case.