Drug called "Flakka" makes its way to NE Ohio, causes people to become extremely violent

Posted at 4:51 PM, Jan 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-20 06:33:09-05

The white synthetic crystal powder was confiscated by the Wooster Police Department during a drug raid is called Alpha PVP.

It goes by the street name Flakka. and it has been called the insanity drug.

Flakka causes what experts call "excited delirium” and paranoia. It comes from China and has hit Florida hard. A quick search of the internet shows examples of extremely violent, disturbing behavior caused by Flakka, including a person who dove through a car window after allegedly taking Flakka.

Now, it's a drug that's been slowly showing up in Northeast Ohio.

Douglas Rohde with the Lake County Crime Lab told said Flakka is easy to OD on, or die from. Flakka also makes users violent.

"Individuals who are taking Flacca have been known to stab others, commit suicide,” Rohde said.

Why else should you be concerned? Users think they have superhuman strength and can't feel pain. putting those closest to them in danger. 

"But really for those individuals around them, their neighbors, family members, the people who are under the influence of Flakka truly do not know what they're doing,” Rohde said.

While Flakka just showed up in Wooster, it was already showing up in Lake County, where technicians test for the drug, from evidence gathered by police.

"Yes, we have seen Alpha PVP consistently since about 2014, then it dropped off last year around here,” Rohde said.