Exclusive: Dad of Willoughby Hills police officer who was shot says his son is doing fine

Posted at 6:57 PM, Oct 04, 2017

Cory Planisek is a newlywed. He grew up in a tight knit family and loves his job.

But just days ago, the 26-year-old Willoughby Hills Police Officer was in the fight of his life. 

"His thinking right now, is that he should be dead. He was in the middle of bullets flying," said Mike Planisek. 

Employees at Classic BMW called police after Timmothy Schmidt started yelling and swearing. Police said he appeared to be under the influence. That's when Planisek and 52-year-old Craig Anderson responded. 

"I do believe they were running his information and when it came up with warrants, more than one. From what my son told me, he knew that he had warrants and he took off and bolted, from there my son tackled him," said Planisek.

What happened next took just seconds - shots fired. Both officers and Schmidt were hit. Several people said that lives were likely saved because of the quick action of the officers. 

"There were a lot of people in that area and taking him down without thinking about their safety is amazing to me," explained Planisek. 

But, Mike Planisek isn't just speaking as a dad. He is a retired Willoughby Hills police officer. 

"Advice I gave my son is when you get that feeling that something is wrong, something is wrong and he knew that day something was wrong," said Planisek. 

And Cory Planisek might not have been the only one who knew something was wrong. His older brother, Jeff, is a Willoughby Hills firefighter and paramedic. He was on the phone with his mother when the call for the shooting came in. When he got to the dealership he discovered it was his little brother who had been shot.

"Probably his worst nightmare came true. But it had a good ending and we are thankful for that," said a very proud dad.