Four people sentenced after neglecting 260 cats

Posted at 7:49 PM, Sep 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-07 19:49:56-04

Four people accused of animal cruelty involving 260 cats were sentenced on Thursday.

In November 2016, Lake Humane Society's Humane Investigations Department discovered 260 cats at Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue on Morley Road in Concord Township after receiving a complaint about the condition of the cats.

Over 60 percent of the cats found at the repurposed residential home had untreated medical conditions, according to the LHS team. LHS took 157 of the cats in and gave them immediate medical attention.

LHS reported 93 percent of the cats seized had severe dental issues, making it difficult for them to eat. Some could not even eat at all. The cats were also suffering from untreated upper respiratory infections, ear mites, ringworm, infections and c. diff.

Rescuers also say 59 percent of the cats were severely underweight. According to records, many of the cats entered CKPR under the age of two with a clean bill of health. Some came to the rescue for medical reasons.

More than ten percent of the cats taken into custody tested positive for feline leukemia. CKPR's records show these cats were not infected when they originally came to their facility.

These once-neglected cats are finally getting better after months of treatments, medications, surgeries, observations and care. Twenty are even currently available for adoption and 13 have found loving homes.

The four people sentenced for the horrible treatment of these cats are out on personal recognizance bonds, which will remain in effect with the following conditions:

  • They may not take in any other animals beyond their current cats
  • They must keep all animals in a humane, sanitary and lawful manner
  • They will be subject to random, unannounced inspections of any facility where they keep animals by Lake Humane Society with the Lake County Sheriff
  • They must allow Lake Humane Society access to all veterinary and animal treatment records upon demand