Gov. Kasich wants Ohio teachers to complete externships; teachers and Democrats push back

Posted at 7:19 PM, Mar 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-08 10:26:31-05

Gov. John Kasich wants teachers to complete business externships as part of the license renewal process, but many educators are not on board.

CORRECTION: We previously reported that Kasich wanted teachers to complete 40 hours of externships. In fact, the time commitment has not been specified.

Meanwhile, Democrats want to send Governor John Kasich back to school after he proposed new requirements for teaching licenses. 

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After 30 years of teaching, Louise Elkind reflects on her career in the Willoughby-Eastlake school district with fondness.

“I just loved it, it was great," she said.

But was also not afraid to speak out on the behalf of teachers.

“The administration was good. I was in the union and we of course fought them but they were really good,” said Elkind.

Now retired, she is picking a new fight, this time over a proposal made by Governor Kasich.

It would require teachers to spend 40 hours with a business before renewing their license.

"It is wrong. Businesses are great but they don’t represent everyone in the country because their agenda is different” said Elkind.

Kasich says the program would help teachers better prepare students for the workforce, but Elkind says it’s teachers that can school these companies. 

“We don’t ask doctors to shadow plumbers, road workers to shadow mailmen. Don’t ask teachers to shadow a business that is not their province.” - Louis Elkind

Dems to Kasich: Walk the walk

Meanwhile state Democrats want Kasich to complete his own externship. Under the "GET REALS" Act, the governor would annually shadow faculty and staff at Ohio schools.

"Under the bill, the governor’s annual 40-hour on-site work experience in a school would be split into five, eight-hour days, each in a differently ranked public school. The governor could work alongside teachers, food-service staff or custodial staff." - Rep. Kent Smith 

Representative Kent Smith tells News 5 that the bill would also require the governor to write a report on how to improve the schools. It’s not likely the bill would get very far with the majority Republican House.

But Republican leaders have also expressed opposition to Kasich’s idea.