PD: 3 pit bulls maul, kill pug in Kirtland

Posted at 11:33 PM, Sep 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-22 23:33:17-04

A family is mourning the loss of their beloved 10-year-old pug/beagle mix after Kirtland Police said it was attacked by three pit bulls on Tuesday.

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“Bandit” the puggle was out for a walk with his owners Tuesday afternoon in their Kirtland neighborhood when police said the dogs attacked. He was rushed to the veterinarian, but the injuries were too severe.

“It’s amazing how one day he’s here and one day he’s gone,” said Claudia Siers, Bandit's owner. “It was unnecessary. Bandit wasn’t doing anything. We were just walking our normal route down the road, taking our friendly stroll. I know the neighbors are going to be devastated.”

Siers' son Brian said while he's devastated about the loss of Bandit, the family is grateful it wasn't worse.

"You always remember your first dog, but I'm just thankful my mom is still here," he said.

Police arrested Peggy Ann Wieland, who they said owned two of the pit bulls in the attack, and charged her with violating dangerous dog ordinance, a misdemeanor.

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She has posted bond and has been released from jail. Her next court date is on Sept. 30. 

Police said a pit bull belonging to 38-year-old Christina Wieland of Mentor, Peggy Ann Wieland’s daughter, was also involved in the attack of Bandit.

Christina Wieland’s pit bull also attacked a golden retriever back in May, according to police.

Police said the golden retriever survived the attack, and according to documents obtained by, the case was thrown out of Willoughby Municipal Court in July due to insufficient evidence.

Court records indicate Christina Wieland paid a $170 fine for a “dog at large” citation in Painesville back in August of 2014.  

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Police said Christina Wieland may face charges in the attack of Bandit. 

The three pits involved in the attack have been “quarantined” at the owner’s home, according to police.



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