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Lake Catholic High School apologizes after video of student's racial slur is posted on social media

Posted at 11:37 AM, Feb 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-12 11:37:47-05

Lake Catholic High School administrators are apologizing after a video showing a student making a racial slur was posted on social media over the weekend. 

The video showed the Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School basketball team getting hyped before Saturday's game. A student from Lake Catholic then put his face in front of the camera and said "coolest monkeys in the jungle." 

Several people posted the video on social media. 

Lake Catholic issued the following statement on Sunday: 

Lake Catholic High School does not condone any comments that disrespect any individuals or groups.  We are addressing this behavior, and will continue to hold our students to our Mission and Core Values.  We apologize to the VASJ Basketball team and the larger Viking Community.

Lake Catholic students and parents commented on the video, saying the comments from the student did not reflect the views of most of the school. 

One parent wrote: I am sorry that this happened. This is one kid. The Lake kids were actually talking about how cool that intro was! This is one kid. Please keep that In perspective. My kid is a Lake kid....loves your kid. You know that. 

An alumnus wrote on Twitter: man im a a proud alum of lake catholic and i can promise i understand the rivalry between us and vasj but this not what we are about or condone at all. dont let one students foolish actions reflect what we are as a community and school.

Mark Crowley, president of the high school, said administrators will be holding the students involved accountable for their actions. 

VASJ President Bill Cervenik also issued the following statement:

As many of you are aware, a very hurtful video was posted online by a few Lake Catholic students during Saturday night's basketball game. Lake Catholic President Mark Crowley, Principal Robert Kumazec, and many members of the Lake Catholic Community have expressed their disappointment and sadness over the incident and have made it clear that they do not tolerate or condone the attitude expressed in the video. They have expressed their apologies and informed us that appropriate action will be administered to those responsible.

As Catholics, we understand that all men and women are created in the likeness and image of God. I ask that we not use this incident to continue an unproductive conversation of anger and hate, but rather reflect on ways that will allow us to embrace our differences and similarities in a positive way so that we can continue the mission of providing a strong Catholic education to all of our students. We have accepted their sincere apologies and hope that you will as well.