Lake Co. Sheriff good news on recent break-ins

Posted at 6:12 PM, Dec 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-18 18:12:40-05

The Lake County Sheriff's Department has good news to share with the victims of as many as 40 recent break-ins: indictments will soon be coming against three adults and one juvenile.

"They know it's coming because they have admitted to these," said Lake County Sheriff Chief Deputy Frank Leonbruno. The case is in the hands of the Lake County Prosecutor's Office.

The break-ins started in early September with one particular busy spell in the middle of the month. "We had two stolen vehicles and probably 17-20 house and car break-ins in the Painesville Township area," Leonbruno said.

Overall? "35-40 different break-ins between cars and homes," he said.

"They're looking to get into your house, get your jewelry, get your cash and get out because they want to convert it for drugs."

The break-ins occurred in Painesville, Painesville Township and Kirtland.

No names have been released because the suspects have not been formally charged. But, heading into the holidays, the sheriff's department wanted to let victims know there will soon be a resolution.

"We wanted to get back out to the community and say 'listen we're working for you and we have identified them. They're not coming back,'" he said.


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