Lake County sheriff warns public of Pokemon Go sharing advice to potential criminals

Posted at 12:49 PM, Jul 12, 2016

The Lake County Sheriff's Office sent out a word of advice to those who have jumped on the Pokemon Go bandwagon. 

The office soucred when explaining Pokemon Go, described as an app that uses your phone's GPS and clock to detect where and when you are in the game. It will make Pokemon "appear" around you so you can catch them. Pokemon may be found in stores, parking lots, and other public places. As you move around, Pokemon appear depending on when and where you are located. 

The Lake County Sheriff's Office said that people should understand as they walk they are sharing their location information through GPS and can easily become a victim of crime. 

"While the game has an innocent basis, today criminals use such information to find the next victim. They can capture your info, lure you into unsuspecting places, and take advantage of you," the office warned. 

Authorities said be aware of what you post and what you allow people to know. 

"At a minimum if criminals know you are playing Pokemon Go, they know you are not at home. If you post your plate of food you are enjoying on social media, people know you are not home. If you tell everyone about the great vacation you are enjoying, they know you are not at home."

The office said in today's world, especially with the heroin epidemic, criminal are looking for quick and easy ways to find cash to fund their drug addiction. 

"Whether that is stealing your purse or wallet, or breaking into your home to steal jewelry and cash they can quickly fence for more drugs, you (We) are all targets. Don’t make you or your home easy targets."