Local teams work all year round to be ready for water rescues

Posted at 5:16 PM, Aug 31, 2017

There have been hundreds of rescues in Houston this past week and people have been saved from floodwaters in more ways than one.

But did you know local rescue teams are hard at work all year round to be ready for those same types of rescues?

They're called the Swift Water Rescue Team and they're a multi-county collaborative effort.

River, lake, pond, or flood waters — they are ready.

"Rivers that you wouldn't consider a problem. When there's a flood? Are a problem," Lt. Tim Serazin with the Willoughby Hills Fire Department told News 5.

"We have a few members from each city that are specially trained for swift water and dive rescue," Captain Ryan Procop from Lyndhurst Fire Department explained.

Their equipment and training is similar to what you've may have seen in video from Houston this past week.

"We can respond anywhere and sustain ourselves for 24 hours," Clayton said.

"We do it here on a much smaller scale! Kinda model what they're doing," Procop said.

Each team member has years of special training, and more trainings annually, to make sure you are always in good hands.