Father updates status of children in Syria

Posted at 4:33 PM, Sep 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-18 16:33:45-04

After raising more than $20,000 in donations in a desperate attempt to free his children, Mentor High School teacher and father Bassam Abdulrahim is making a new push for help

Mentor High School teacher gets help to rescue his 3 children in Syria

Abdulrahim reached out to the community asking for help getting his three children trapped in Damascus home. The money was geared towards funding plane tickets and legal assistance. 

Abdulrahim's GoFundMe page circulated at lightning speed, exceeding his goal of raising $12,000 and racking up more than $20,000. 

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Now, Abdulrahim says this might not be enough. 

After raising the funds, Abdulrahim's children are still tangled in the Syrian system.

The father was thrown off when his attorney told him it would take about six months to get his daughter into the United States. But, he said the wind was knocked out of him when his attorney said it would take up to seven years to free his two sons.

Abdulrahim is now asking for help finding a way to bring his children out of Syria.

"Also, If you feel able to, please contribute if you have not already, and if you cannot, please continue to keep us and our family in your prayers. Continue to share our story with anyone who will listen," he writes. 

Abdulrahim assured donors any extra funds the family receives will go towards helping other refugees.

"We realize that we are not alone in need, but may be blessed more than others. Our intention, is to pass those blessings along by giving excess funds to a relief organization focused solely on assisting refugees."

Visit the family's GoFundMe page for details and the chance to donate.



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