PD: Woman assaults cop, damages jail mattress

Posted at 5:08 PM, Dec 21, 2015

A woman assaulted a Mentor police officer, destroyed a jail mattress and vandalized a police cruiser after he arrest Sunday night, police said.

Michelle Miller, 26, of Painesville, was arrested at a gentleman's club, where she worked, after the club told police she was being disruptive, police said.

When officers arrived, Miller was screaming and throwing things, police said, and refused to leave when she was arrested. 

Police report that she kicked an officer, spit on a customer, tried to hurt herself while inside the cruiser and was pepper sprayed and taken to a hospital. 

Then, police said, she spit in an officer's face. Police said she also destroyed a jail mattress.

Miller was charged with assault on a police officer, harassment by an inmate, vandalism and disorderly conduct.

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