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Willoughby Hills police officer who was shot at car dealership is back on the job

Posted: 6:37 PM, Jan 29, 2018
Updated: 2018-01-29 18:37:28-05

One of the two Willoughby Hills police officers who was shot at a car dealership on September 28, 2017 is back on the job. Police Officers Craig Anderson returned to work after being shot in the left side and left leg. 

For as long as Anderson can remember, he's wanted to be a police officer. He's been doing the job for 34 years now.

"I've had a few close calls," said Anderson. 

But what happened back in September nearly cost him his life.

"I'm probably more cautious than I was before," added Anderson. 

Anderson only had an hour left in his shift when he and fellow officer Cory Planisek were called to Classic BMW for an unruly customer.

Anderson said when they arrived they encountered Timmothy Schmidt. After they discovered Schmidt had warrants, he took off and the two officers chased him.

Suspect identified in shooting at Willoughby Hills car dealership

Man accused of shooting two officers at Willoughby Hills car dealership released from hospital

"Next thing I hear shots being fired," said Anderson.

Both officers had been shot.

"Cory was on top of him. My walkie-talkie wasn't working. I had to go to the car. Once I radioed for help. I collapsed by my police car," Anderson explained. 

As the officers waited for EMS, people at the dealership rushed to administer first aid, which may have saved both of their lives.

Anderson is thankful for the outpouring of support from the community and is grateful. 

"Very fortunate. It could have turned out very bad for me and Cory," added Anderson. "Cory saved a lot of lives doing what he did."

Planisek is still off duty recovering from his injuries. 

A trial date for Scmidt has been set for March 19. He is charged with several charges including attempted murder.