Burglary suspect cuts off ankle bracelet, flees

Posted at 7:47 PM, Apr 22, 2016

Painesville police are searching for a theft and burglary suspect who cut off his ankle monitoring bracelet and fled police while out on bond. 

According to court records, 23-year-old Mitchell Inclan faces eight open burglary and theft charges in Lake County Court. Police said the charges are related to a string of car and garage thefts in the Heisley Park neighborhood of Painesville. 

Inclan was arrested last week and was released from jail on bond on April 14, under the condition that he wear an ankle bracelet to monitor his location. 

Lake County Sheriff Daniel Dunlap told that Inclan missed a court appearance Wednesday and police were notified that his bracelet had been tampered with. 

“Deputies responded to the scene and they found he knife and they found the ankle bracelet, but Mr. Inclan had disappeared from the area,” Sheriff Dunlap said. 

On Wednesday, Dunlap said Inclan was spotted by a Heisley Park resident walking through private property near the subdivision but police were unable to locate him. 

Several residents told they were concerned by Inclan's escape. 

“It kind of sounds like he needs to be tracked a little bit better than an ankle bracelet,” said Heisley Park resident Jan Sternot.  

Other neighbors like Nikhil Vagula questioned the monitoring system in place. 

“If its that easy for somebody to just cut it off and run away then I’m very worried,” Vagula said. 

But Sheriff Dunlap said very few parolees remove their bracelets, in part because they are warned that tampering with the device could lead to an additional felony charge for violating parole. 

“Unfortunately some people just don’t get it,” Dunlap said. “The court tries to work with these folks and give them an opportunity so they don’t have a huge bond and we don’t have the whole jail clogged up with people awaiting sentencing and trial.”

Inclan is currently wanted on two warrants. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact Painesville police.