Painesville mother denied stay of removal, deported to one of the most dangerous cities in Mexico

PAINESVILLE, Ohio - A Painesville mother of four is on her way to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, after her petition for a stay of removal request was denied.

Esperanza Pacheco left the ICE jail in Geauga County on Tuesday for the Toledo Airport. From there she will fly to Nuevo Laredo, according to Veronica Isabel Dahlber, Executive Director of HOLA Ohio.

Dahlberg said Pacheco wasn't even allowed a change of clothes before leaving for the airport.

Pacheco was arrested after what her family says was a routine meeting at the deportation office. On Friday, protesters stood outside of Congressman David Joyce's office and begged him to stop the deportation.

Mother of four being deported, family rallies to ask congressman to stop the order

Another Painesville mother of four was deported to Nuevo Laredo in July after she was stopped for a traffic violation. She was robbed shortly after arriving in Mexico.

Painesville mom who was deported last week was robbed shortly after arrival in Mexico, attorney says

Nuevo Laredo, just south of the Texas border, is widely considered one of the most dangerous places in the country. Drug cartels, gangs and convicted criminals reportedly run the show there. Two other Mexican immigrants deported from Painesville were kidnapped and held for ransom there.

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