Stinky factory in Painesville has history of warnings, residents want odor removed

Posted at 5:02 PM, Aug 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-03 17:13:20-04

People in Painesville who live around Hardy Animal Nutrition told NewsChannel 5 they're sick of the nasty smells outside, but we found that practices inside may be questionable as well.

Months ago, they received a warning letter from the FDA. 

The plant manufactures animal feed ingredients, but residents said it smells rotten.

"You don't smell it all the time, but when you do, you can hardly breathe," one Painesville resident shared.

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Lake County's Air Pollution Control official, Bert Mechenbier, told NewsChannel 5 it may smell gross, but taking a whiff isn't dangerous.

"It isn't harmful and it's not illegal," he said.

But according to an FDA warning letter, what's going on inside the plant might be. 

The letter, sent back in February, says shipments of "brown grease," "vegetable fatty acid with pesticides," and "sludge oil" were clearly marked "not to be used in food," but were being added to products.

The letter later warns that the plant must take prompt action to correct the violations.

An FDA representative told NewsChannel 5 they're monitoring the plant and following up on the violations. 

NewsChannel 5 first requested an interview and additional information from Hardy Animal Nutrition,more than one week ago. We requested it again today and didn't hear back. 

Painesville Townships' Administrator, Michael Manary, told NewsChannel 5 they keep a close eye on the plant, and if people see or smell a problem they need to say something.

"The residents who are frustrated, I don't blame them. They've been dealing with it for years- and they're welcome to call Township Hall to discuss their concerns," Manary said. 

Click here to read the FDA warning letter.