Tree struck by lightning falls during storm, misses Eastlake home by feet


Two years ago, Tim and Ashley Steverding moved to a quiet street in Eastlake — but it wasn't so quiet Sunday morning.

"We woke up during the thunder and thought, 'wow this is a crazy storm.' Thirty seconds later it got super bright and it sounded like lightning struck the house," Tim said.

But it wasn't their house. 

"I opened my shade and I saw this tree all the way across and I was like, 'holy crap.'"

The tree had just been struck by lightning and split in half, sending branches and parts of its trunk in every direction.

By some miracle, Tim, Ashley and their 2-year-old were spared.

The giant tree fell just feet from their bedroom.

"We're so lucky. That could have went through the whole house.  It's insane. I'm about to cry. It's just crazy," Ashley said, looking at the damage. 

While the couple has minimal damage, their next door neighbor wasn't so lucky.

His house was hit by flying branches, leaving a large crack in his bedroom wall, even shifting the electrical outlet.

The bathroom window was also shattered. 

Despite the mess left behind, Tim calls today's situation the 'best worse case scenario', becasue, luckily, no one was injured during the early morning storm. 

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