Police report reveals new information about alleged hazing at Lake Catholic football camp

Posted at 7:01 AM, Aug 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-02 14:39:25-04

A police report reveals new information about alleged hazing during football camp at John Carroll University.

Following reports of hazing during the summer camp at John Carroll University, both Madison High School and Lake Catholic High School were under investigation. The camp was not sponsored by John Carroll University; it was just held at the university. 

According to a John Carroll University police report, surveillance footage showed two students who were being forced by their peers to do blindfolded sit-ups into the bare buttocks of another teammate. 

Officers originally thought Madison High School players were involved in the incident but those students were later cleared.  All football players involved were identified as being from Lake Catholic High School.

On Tuesday, Madison High School released a statement from their superintendent, Angela Smith, saying they conducted "a thorough investigation after receiving a complaint about behavior" at the football camp.  

Upon conclusion of the investigation, we addressed a single issue and disciplined those involved according to the student code of conduct.   Our coaches felt strongly that they wanted to promote a culture of  personal responsibility, teamwork, and community service, so they organized a campus clean-up event for the team before the season started.  This was in addition to the discipline that the individual students received.

Lake Catholic High School is still under investigation for the hazing incident and had to forfeit their first game. The school's administration released a statement earlier this month.