Elyria police arrest 49 people and counting in connection to illegal drugs

Posted at 11:44 PM, Oct 19, 2016

Elyria police have made 49 arrests and are still counting in connection to illegal drugs. Police have targeted illegal drug suppliers, dealers and users in Operation Exodus and they said they have warrants for nearly another 50 people. 

"Eighty-eight people is the largest scale drug operation in the history of our department," said Elyria Captain Chris Constantino. 

Police raided 19 houses where drug activity was suspected. Police said they collected $40,000 cash, heroin and cocaine, and guns.

12 members of the violent Elyria gang MOET were also arrested. Police said the gang members are responsible for other violent crimes. "In addition to drug trafficking they are involved in a lot of other crimes such as shootings and felonious assaults," said Detective Sgt. Jim Welsh.