Business owner, councilman worried about safety with so many street lights broken in Lorain

Posted at 2:38 PM, Jun 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-15 15:46:27-04

Will Castro owns Scorchers in downtown Lorain.


His place is just two blocks from where two jewelry stores were recently targets of smash and grabs.


Castro doesn’t know if working street lights would’ve made a difference, but he believes customers would be more comfortable coming downtown if the lights worked.


“One of the primary concerns downtown is safety and security and one of those concerns is the lighting, there’s just not enough lighting down here, it’s pretty dark down here at night,” Castro said.


City councilman Dennis Flores said too many lights are out, how many?

At least 15 he said.


Flores said workers on a water line accidentally cut electrical lines.


According to Flores, the city and power company are debating who owns the lines and who should fix them.


Flores said he’s been urging city officials to fix the lights as visitors come to town for Rockin’ on the River concerts which run into September and the Lorain International Festival which starts June 24.


“The lights that are out right now, we would like to get them turned back on,” Castro said.


“Our hope is that the city of Lorain and the electric company can get together and figure out who actually owns which lights, and lets get these lights fixed,” Castro said.


Both the mayor and safety director said they were unavailable to comment on this story.