Car plows into Elyria salon during haircuts

Posted at 4:03 PM, Jul 28, 2017

A car drove through the wall at Rossi's Salon in Elyria on Thursday.

"The desk ended up in that area by the shampoo bowls," owner, Barbie Rossi told News 5.

Rossi said there was a massive boom, a Buick Century crashing through the wall.

"I think everybody was shocked. We were just shocked," she said. 

The car tore up the building, reception desk and waiting area, but luckily, no one was in the area hit at the time. 

"Someone was watching over us because no one was hurt, not even the driver," Rossi told News 5, explaining they had no choice but to keep working. 

"We had clients already processing and cuts going on so we had no choice but to just keep going," she said. 

Elyria police caught up with the driver, an older woman. She was ticketed for failure to maintain reasonable control. 

Rossi said the city sent a crew out to examine the building and they found no structural problems. 

"Now we just wait for the insurance companies to tell us what we can do next," she explained.